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Slowing Down From the Outside In!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

So how do we quiet down, slow down to better listen to our bodies, to all of us? It isn’t about being a rag doll, lazy or without desire, but rather how to listen to our inner voice, our gut and mind-body to improve the areas where we feel stuck.

The Feldenkrais Method ® of Awareness Through Movement ® classes are a sure way to improve your life, enabling you to have more freedom in thoughts, movements and returning to the activities you may have felt you can’t do. If you want to, there is a way to restore your wellbeing to be able to have more ease, comfort, balance and vitality. To learn more read the Cover Story article in the Women’s Magazine here.

For The Love Of Dogs, How They Can Save Our Lives!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Being a lover of all animals and especially dogs, this story gave me another feeling of gratitude, appreciation and admiration for our four legged friends.  Also being the parent to many generations of English Black Labs, this story grabbed my heart!  I’ve heard of the ability for dogs to smell tumors and cancers in others so each time I become aware of how we are teaming up with our beloved canine creatures I can’t wait to sing their praise.  Having a dog can do so much more for your spirit, vitality, well-being not to mention their devotion and unconditional love, but now their gifts to sense there’s something you need to attend to in your own health is something to listen to!  I remember a story of a woman mentioning that her Golden Retriever kept pushing his nose into her chest, and it hurt!  After her dog continued to do this repeatedly she thought to go see a doctor to find out why her breast was so sensitive.  There was a cancerous tumor that her dog smelled, alerted her to in time so that she was able to take measures to insure her life.  She has her beloved canine to thank for making her aware there was something life threatening she needed to attend to.  So here’s another example of dogs’ amazing gifts!  To learn more read here.

Diet and Autism, What You Can Do To Improve The Before and After!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

We look to doctors to help correct an illness, disease or imbalance. How often are we willing to really address root causes and make the shifts to improve the quality of our lives? Whether you are looking to conceive, already have begun your family or simply want to enhance your overall health and well being, tune into Dr. Leila Masson, Harvard-trained pediatrician regarding her fascinating work curing autism. If this can improve the condition of autism, can it not improve any of us whether we are experiencing a medical diagnosed condition yet or not! To learn more click here.

It’s All About Balance, We All Need It!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The importance of balance and how without it the quality of our lives is in jeopardy.  We’ve all learned of seniors who have fallen, broken their hip and their life is never the same.  What about athletes, performers and the average fellow maybe out to walk their dog or trip over the curb or jump out of the way of a turning car that is oblivious to the surroundings.  Being agile and balanced is essential and there’s a clear and effortless path to maintain it and restore it!  To learn more about the latest scientific study on balance and The Feldenkrais Methof (R) read more here.