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Suddenly the Health Insurers Will Have an Interest in Your Health!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

“That’s the worst sentence I’ve ever heard said!” Jon Stewart exclaims during an interview with author Michael Pollan. “Suddenly the health insurers will have an interest in your health, which right now they don’t?!?!”  What are we to do about this?  How we eat, what we eat and how we are manipulated by the food industries to market their goods that poison us is sheer brain washing.  We get upset when told that our insurance companies won’t cover us or a claim because of pre-existing conditions and heaven forbid we change what we are doing that is creating the condition we are rejected for.  But if a doctor says, take Lipitor or a medication to reduce cholesterol or BP we don’t hesitate and follow without thinking of the precautions and many dangerous side effects.

We are eating ourselves to death! Creating modern day illnesses that insurance companies justify eliminating many from their health coverage because they’re too risky to cover. Want to know more about how to change this dynamic and get healthy once again? To learn more click here!