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Can We Eat to Starve Cancer-What Can We Do For Ourselves

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

One of my main focuses is how can we best support and help ourselves. What can we do to better insure health and wellbeing? This doesn’t mean that we never get sick but have you noticed that there are some people who are less prone to illnesses, and when they do come down with something they are faster to restore good health. We run to doctors as the be all end all to fix us, when what we need to do better is to learn how to listen internally and take care of ourselves. What has Mother Nature given us that we are not paying attention to?

You’ve heard me speak of the benefits of a more natural vegetable, plant based diet and all the better when it’s local and sustainable. Whether you’ve been following my thread speaking of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, then there’s Dr. Dean Ornish and so many others who are investing their lives, studying how to reverse our modern day illnesses we are barraged with, what can you do to help yourself?

Want to learn more about how you can insure your good health? What if you could eat to stop the growth of cancers before they become a danger? Have you heard of Antiangiogenic Therapy? To learn more about Dr. William Li and this impressive work, how to starve cancer and illnesses that feed off of our blood and oxygen supply, click here!

It’s Warm Weather and Ah, Those Little Devils, Why Me?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Are you one of us that are endlessly bitten by these itching devils, mosquitoes and their like? Have you ever been out and about feeling the itching sting and swelling even though you have applied endless amounts of bug spray, and still they are bitting YOU! There’s a reason and not simply because we’re so sweet. The truth is something we are exuding from our sebaceous glands is attracting these little pests and there are scientific studies now looking at what this is.

The female mosquito is looking for a host to lay her eggs. It’s all about survival and now the scientific world is recognizing that there are less stress hormones being released from those of us that are sweet meat for mosquitoes. This doesn’t mean that we are less stressed but something in how our bodies process and release hormones is more inviting, indicating to these itching pests that we are a healthy host to propagate their larvae – yikes!

To learn more, click here!