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How We Use Our Brains!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

There’s been much talk of late about the neuroplasticity of our brains ability to remap territory.  If someone loses the use of a limb as many of our returning soldiers do, or goes blind or deaf, how is it that they can relearn through using other parts in their brain that were designated for the lost function. Dr.  Moshe Feldenkrais was exploring this back in the 40’s, how do we learn.  Now modern science is playing catch up.

Even with all our technological advancements in the allopathic western medical arena there is still so much that eludes us.  When medicine and science are not able to answer or fix the problems, here is how we can continue to persevere, grown, learn and reap all the joy life has to offer.

This is an amazing story of one family who against all odds keeps a belief and spirit of how to learn.  It is a tribute to how we develop, learn, how we can employee so much of our brain power that we don’t use, and how to continue to improve and make life pretty amazing.

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