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Brain Power, How to Keep it, How you Lose it!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

As we age and mature, what are the thoughts that concern you the most?  For some it is a fear of falling, others realize they are beginning to forget details, or they can’t do what they use to do, or want to do.  How often do you speak about what you use to be able to do instead of focusing on how to do more of what you really want?  We make excuses that attempt to sooth our discouraged spirit, lick our wounds so to speak.  Do you often find that you are talking about yourself as what you used to be able to do?  What are you not learning here?

We now know that our brains are constantly developing new neurons, the building blocks of life.  Many decades ago this was refuted although there have been many great thinkers and leaders of this work that were establishing this thread as far back as the 1940’s.  Dr Moshe Feldenkrais was writing his “Mature Body and Behavior” then, following up with “The Potent Self”, all engaging in this process of learning.  Today there are programs that explain all about Neuroplasticity.   What does this mean?

Our brains have the capacity to continue to develop new neural pathways.  We know and continue to see that those who continue to engage in new acts, functions, learning new things, are curious, are the ones that stave off modern day illnesses that take away our vitality: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, even Parkinson’s Disease, or maybe it’s the aches and pains of Arthritis or a full recovery from surgeries.  When we stop learning, using ourselves as we did with interest as we did when younger, we lose what we don’t use.

You want to know how to stay feeling younger, more vital and vibrant?  Do new and interesting things!  It is a mind set of You Get to Do this, instead of the “have to”, should, or if only I could mindset.  What is it you really would love to do that you make excuses for not doing because of some trauma or ache or pain?  What’s your excuse?

Find the things that engage you that instead of saying, “if only I could” or “I use to be able to do that”, if it’s something you would love to do or simply have an interest, give it a go!  It’s not about being cavalier, rather listening and figuring out how would I make this possible?  We did this as infants, figuring out how to do something we desired, it’s called survival!  We used ourselves, efficiently, with all of our sensory organs (telereceptors in our head: 2 eyes; to ears; 2 nostrils, our mouth and also the end of the alimentary system, the other end, and then all of our kinesthetic sensory touch abilities).

Engage in life again, being curious, doing new things that interest you.  Notice the language you use, does it serve you well or does it derail you to stay stuck in your known.  From our known there is comfort at first but too quickly it turns into complacency and stagnation.

Move into life, do things that give you joy and open your horizons again.  Since you are reading this it means something intrigued you to read on.  How many varieties of activities and new interests do you open yourself up to?  Do you find yourself only doing what you know how to do, never engaging in new things to give it a try.  Do you only try something once, poo pooing it and then take a pass or do you become curious as to why some really LOVE it, what are you missing out on?  What do they see that you don’t? 

Find where to begin and begin at the beginning, learning how to learn, not thinking about if you are good enough, learn how to “make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy pleasant and the pleasant elegant!”  It’s your birthright, don’t give up, it’s your life, I hope you live it to the fullest!