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The “D” Words

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

It’s been quite a while since my return to blogging.  Hectic schedules, days filled with teaching, clients, learning and growing and although I have had every intention of blogging, where has the time gone!  So I am back to share an idea, something that has been formulating in my mind for a while now.

So often a client or student will share with me their “diagnosis”, maybe it’s their difficulty in doing something they use to be able to do.  Their “Disease”, “Disability” or “Dysfunction”, and I notice how these “D”words take the life out of them.  We too often become reduced to a description or a label that is put on us.  How can we move through whatever difficulty we find ourselves in at the moment and move forward and beyond the “D” words?

There are so many resources now in books, tapes, trainings to enable us to return to a place of knowing ourselves, feeling ourselves in a place of ease, comfort and inquisition.  Learning to be curious and ask better questions of ourselves, to know ourselves as we are and as we hope to be.  Some of the approaches I suggest are to remain in a place of listening, non-judgmentally to your thoughts, wishes, aspirations.  There is “Whole Body Focusing”, “Open Focus”, Feldenkrais (R) Method of Somatic Learning, Guided Imagery and many more ways to return to a place of quieting from our daily rushing about, living an out of body existence instead of being in our body, sensing and feeling ourselves, our emotions, mental thoughts and images.

We are a society drugged with pharmaceuticals, not bothering to ask questions as to whether this medicine is really necessary.  We are driven by fear of the unknown and the authorities we give our power over to.  Be willing to ask questions of treatments and options.  Be a team player, partner with your medical support, for that matter with those that you interact with be it work, home life, medical concerns, a sport you play…

It is not simply a medical model I speak of, also the muscling and obsessive pushing, “gym rats”, obsessed with an imagine and attaining it at what cost.  I am all for health, fitness, dancing and having once been a “gym rat” myself, I have learned that this too can become an obsession we drive ourselves to the tipping point, doing damage to our joints and overall health and well being.

Are we asking of ourselves the questions that lead us to answers, always inquiring how to attain and achieve your desired goals.?  That is my thought to share.  How many new and different thinks do you experience on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis?  Are you passionate about something, anything?  Find your passion and begin to follow it to a place out of the complacency of not doing anything new or different that challenges you to renew, revitalize, restore and regenerate yourself.  Who do you want to be and how might you find a path to get there?  Be willing to dream again, move beyond your known and beliefs of what you can and cannot do.  Be bold, explore, go easy, gentle and without judgement and find where this can lead you.  Maybe new horizons will appear before you, to revitalize you!

This is my wish for you today!  Enjoy life to the fullest, in the moment with a thought of what can come that will make you smile and bring joy and greater ease and simplicity!  And by all means, live life with Passion!