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Relief from Chronic Pain – What Does Feldenkrais ® and Neuroplasticity Got to Do with It!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

In our current times we have become familiar with the term, Neuroplasticity.  This is a modern terminology that Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was speaking about in the 1940’s.  Finally Scientists today concur, our brains are malleable, learning tissue, coordinating and creating new connections versus the older, now dismissed belief that we were born with only a certain amount of neurons and once past a certain age our brains stopped growing.   Our modern research has come to realize that our brains create new neural pathways and alter existing ones so that we can adapt to new experiences.  This is the process of learning and how we create new memories and patterns as we live longer.  Our brains keep growing, making new connections – this is how our brains really function.

This is what the Feldenkrais Method is all about!  We are learning how to learn! In fact, we are remembering how to learn, something we did as babies before we could be taught.  We explored gently, sensing and feeling ourselves in our environment, in our daily experiences, creating patterns and habits for how we would respond, react and survive.  How to learn to adapt, not only to new stimuli and stresses but also how we respond to old stimuli that has triggered us, often in not so pleasant ways.  We learn how to create new and improved responses to these triggers and inputs that help us find better, easier, simpler, nicer ways to live our lives.

It is in practicing these easier patterns of efficiency that we enable these newer or remembered patterns to usurp some of our more obsessive and nagging habits that too often have lead us to chronic pain, different levels of discomfort whether we are calling it, feeling tight, sore, stiff… You know the things you say to express, it’s not so nice.  Are you satisfied with that or are you curious as to how YOU CAN CHANGE that obsessive behavior, did you even realize it was a form of being obsessive?

There are many lessons you can play with and feel right away something nicer!  Come to an Awareness Through Movement ® class and feel for yourself in just one lesson how you can begin to find strategies that make your life easier, nicer and can lead you back to fulfill your dreams that maybe you allowed an authoritative figure take away from you with a diagnosis or simply saying, it’s your genetics, you’re not so young, it’s age related…  Are you really willing to settle for that?  Maybe so but me, NEVER!

It is through my gentle and easy explorations with The Feldenkrais Method that I find and found the vital, potent and youthful me no matter what my age!  And this is coming from an A Type personality who has learned from my experiences of what striving, struggling, pushing, forcing and that old saying that has done more harm to us than good – no PAIN, NO GAIN!  You can make NO PAIN, GAIN possible too if you want!

Look into The Feldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement classes or a private session called Functional Integration ® and feel for yourself what you can do to make life so much nicer.  What have you got to lose, your tiredness, chronic pain, fatigue, depression.  Replace it with feeling great, more efficient, getting lots accomplished with more energy, feeling potent, capable and life just gets nicer!

Body Psychology, Do You Know What This Is?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

My “elevator speech” – what I do, describe this is a soundbite.  If I can’t explain this in the briefest of words today, I’ve lost ones interest and curiosity.  So what is Body Psychology?  Most know that when one visits a Psychologist, one goes to discuss what’s going on in their lives.  A form of talk therapy to help guide us in how to resolve problems, giving us the support and direction in better learning how to solve and improve our life, right?

When we have aches and pains, physical issues have developed whether chronic or acute, and all we have done to fix the problem has yet to achieve that result, it is very easy to fall into a place of accepting something we’d rather not, becoming complacent and tuning out.  Over time this tuning out or dissociation to ourselves only comes back to haunt us.  When we have pain or discomfort, this is our brains way of telling us to pay attention.  It might not be saying Don’t DO That but rather STOP, Pay attention to HOW and WHAT you are doing it.  What about finding another way?  It is in how we organize ourselves, the ‘Coordination of our Organization’ that needs to be addressed.

We all live in a fast pace world, almost too fast where we wisk through life barely perceiving what we’re doing and what is going on around us.  We are obsessed in doing, achieving and accomplishing so much and yet we never seem to feel how to pause, rest and restore.  It’s in these times of rest that we restore ourselves.  Where we return to a more optimal functioning that is all about the highest quality of life.

I am a Feldenkrais ® Practitioner, a teacher or maybe better put, a coach, an observer and an enabler as to how we find a more optimal way of organizing ourselves – what we think, feel and do.  It all starts in our brains, they are the Admirals or 5 Star Generals that create the information that travels through us to the end destination, our musculoskeletal system.  Simply put, our bones, muscles and all that need to organize and coordinate in order to do all we do!

As infants, we are in a world of exploration, sensing and feeling our contact with the environment and how we connect to it.  Nothing else exists other then finding how to feel safe, comforted, fed and responded to.  Our days are spent in gentle play with lots of rest to allow what we have been exploring to settle in, connect, create linkages so that we can revisit these patterns until they become habitual, something we’re able to do on demand without consciously thinking how to do it.  At that point we  move onto another exploration, creating another pattern, building one atop the other, like a finely crafted structure, we create a secure underpinning and foundation to build upon, unless we have been pushed beyond our developed abilities to strain that creates pain.  As babies, we are living in an exploratory Body Psychology where we sense and feel, searching for connections, ease, simplicity and making our lives nicer, better, more enjoyable.  It’s more than just survival unless our existence is at the barest minimum and only survival is sought.  When that is the case, learning is on hold, we are consumed only with how to survive!

We are learning as infants. We develop patterns with all our 650 muscles and 206 bones plus all the nerve connections in order to function as the highly intelligent beings we are, and yet we so quickly forget what we have learned, overriding this intelligence with a drive to follow the pack, do as we’re told, be the best, go as fast as we can, and a culture that rewards us for “No PAIN, NO GAIN!”.  Why are we surprised that down the road, almost out of nowhere we finally become aware of something not so nice.  It doesn’t have to have resulted from an assault, something sudden, blind siding us that jolted us and we fear, never to feel as easy as we once did.  Often we are told by an authority that this might be age related or our genetics.  How limiting a belief can you abide by?

I don’t say there isn’t truth to this belief.  What makes one age before their time and another does so much better?  One might say it’s my genes.  Our DNA does have something to do with it, yet there are potentials that don’t trigger and situations that are triggered by what we do whether intentional or unaware.  Over time, the “No PAIN, NO GAIN” philosophy has too much baggage in it to be in our best interest.  What if we could sense and feel a concept like, ‘NO PAIN, GAIN’?  Think about it!  No infant of any species pushes themselves to strain and create pain.  This is only experienced in the dire need of survival, not as a process of growth and optimal living.  The strain and pushing over time, although might have yielded some benefits like winning a race, getting a raise or promotion, increase cardiovascular circulation but at what cost?  There is always a price to pay and too often it comes years later in the experience of chronic pain.  This is the deterioration and wear and tear of our foundation.  Our skeletal structure which is the underpinning of our support and all our parts, over time deteriorate before their life expectancy.  What do we do?  Well we have some wonderful Allopathic medicine that can come to the aid for repair but that repair has years and years of habituated compensations built into us by now.  These patterns don’t just go away.  Remember, they are unconscious once they become a pattern and in order to create more choices and patterns we need to become aware of what we’re doing.  Too often we think we are doing what we intend and quite the contrary, we are doing the opposite.

That’s where Body Psychology comes into the equation.  When we take the time to ask better questions as to what we’re doing and how we are doing it, the ‘Coordination of our Organization and the Organization of our Coordination’, that enables us to create a more enjoyable, likable, nice experience called YOUR LIFE!  Find more optimal ways to improve the quality of your life, not to simply make it ok, make it something that you really like.  Be willing to dream again and reclaim yourself, finding more ease and comfort in how you live  that maybe you thought was in your past.  Is a limiting belief that leaves you feeling hopeless, old and sore what you are settling for?  You can choose to make it better but first you have to take the time to return to a place of listening to notice the little things and from there create more optimal ways that grow exponentially to create the life you want!

Body Psychology is Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais is Body Psychology !  Come feel what you’re missing!