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Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Have you ever given thought to what is Creativity and what it offers us?

Creativity has a biological basis. It releases potent chemicals from our endocrine and immune systems that make us feel good, potent and capable!  It unleashes a whole-being beneficial bio-plasticity that enhances our life.  It could in fact be considered a whole human output that enables a varying blend of cognitive, emotional, chemical, motor, neuro-immunity, memory and sensory improvement.

In addition, Creativity and it’s inherent divergent thinking allows for flexibility and enhances ones coping abilities.  It also allows for inventiveness in how we learn better ways to explore and move out of pain.  Therefore, Creativity is a core skill that better enables one to cope with whatever life brings us.

So what does this have to do with a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lesson you might ask?  Think of all your habits and patterns, that’s pretty inventive!   Did you ever stop and think about how many more ways, more efficient ways  you might create  a feeling of how to move?  When one thing changes, your mental or emotional state, that too effects your physical, and each shift either leads to a positive or negative feedback loop experience.  Which patterns would you prefer getting better at regarding shifting your mental, emotional and physical state?  If you thought you could find a way to enable how to feel better, something that you would like more, would you be interested or is it good enough as is?

 When you begin to listen to sense and feel what you are doing as in an Awareness Through Movement lesson, you are
1.) Improving your sensory feedback loop so that under you Demand you can better do what you want!
2.) You are enhancing your mental and emotional state that produce the chemicals that serve you better!
3.) When one area shifts for the better, all shift: mental; emotional; cognitive; physical…
Want more of finding a way to move forward, doing what you want, how to explore, being nice and gentle that serves each one of us better?  Come learn more about how to learn, how to explore, how to be in a state that produces the “Stuff that dreams are made of!”