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Thought of How we create Change for the Better!

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

So here is my offering and thoughts as we turn towards Spring and another Awareness Through Movement class this Tuesday!  With Spring comes the budding of life, hope and rebirth and what does Feldenkrais have to do with that?

In approaches of Feldenkrais, both ATM classes and private Functional Integration sessions (FI) we explore movement patterns. These patterns represent our current as well as past behaviors.  Now behaviors are composed of multiple physiological and psychological neuronal/brain connections, and each forms a unique state, which is a specific pattern.  Since everything is connected, then the advantage of perceiving and working with patterns is that you can initiate a shift from anywhere that will enable  an initiation and reconfiguration of the whole way we experience ourselves.  This creates a change in how we think, feel and move from within!

Patterns we develop are caused by a variety of experiences.  Some of these experiences are good, favorable but not all and for many, some were traumatic.  These experiences that live within us can result in subsequent re-experiencing of overwhelming physiological-psychological patterns.  Thing about times when you might have smelled or seen or something flashed through your brain and a Deja’ vu occurs.  These patterns are in a sense locked in us, they shape us over time.  Our functioning creates our structure as well as our structure creates our functioning, but we don’t have to stay in a place that isn’t where we really want to be!  We can move from there!

In order to create a shift to something more pleasing, desired and in fact attainable, awareness of what you not only do but think is required.  An interest and curiosity in yourself is essential without judgment and that’s a hard thing to learn.  But here’s the key!  Since we know that our experiences embody themselves in how we think, feel and move, then you also realize that any feelings of anxiety and panic result in a feeling of extreme dis-empowerment.  This to often results in a sense of loss and the ability to have choices in self-governance and that leads to a feeling of ones loss of control.

Here’s where the Feldenkrais approaches enable a person ways to put them in charge again, giving each one of us multiple entry points to how we improve our state – body and mind – putting us back in the drivers seat!  Once a new pattern is created or awakened from it’s dormant sleep, we draw attention to it, then help to compare it to the habitual (older more hardwired) patterns.  This process enables the individual to activate it on their own, on demand so to speak, creating a newer, more optimal choice they can call upon.  By bringing the whole pattern into ones awareness, this creates new pathways in our brain and in our physiology.  It is this process that enables one to initiate change on their own, regaining control of our lives to find easier ways to live and do all we care to!