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Hydrotherapy, who’s this for?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

There are so many ways to take care of yourself, especially in this hot summer heat wave but what if you are injured, paralyzed or dealing with a serious health challenge, can water therapy help? The answer is yes! While in the water we are more buoyant and able to maneuver without the added weight of gravity pressing down on us. Especially when there is the need to rehabilitate, water or hydrotherapy is a reliable way to do the work in awakening our brains, nervous and musculoskeletal systems, in fact, all of our 11 systems that make up the human bodily functioning but that’s not just for us!

Many years ago I took my beloved Shembala, an English Black Lab for hydrotherapy to aid and improve her elbow dysplasia.  By the time we became aware of this condition it was too late to attempt surgery.  That is often done when the dysplasia is in the hip but elbows are another story all together and if a surgical intervention is to be considered it needs to be while they are still pups.  The results were impressive.  Shembala regained much mobility and although we could never get rid of this condition, we improved her ability to function and live life to her fullest while we had her in our lives.  And now here’s another story of a 6 year old cat named Nazzaning.  To learn more about this wonderful success story of Nazzaning who after an accident suffered with a paralyzed front paw and quickly rehabilitated the use of his arm and paw/fingers with hydrotherapy. To learn more, click here.

This Is True Love For All!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

This is a beautiful account of one woman’s love for animals.  If we could all be as aware of the need to reach out and lend a helping hand, think of how much better this world would be.  I hope need time you see someone in need whether it be an animal, a person, whomever, take the time to offer help, support and unconditional kindness and notice the love you get back in return!  To learn more read here.

For The Love Of Dogs, How They Can Save Our Lives!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Being a lover of all animals and especially dogs, this story gave me another feeling of gratitude, appreciation and admiration for our four legged friends.  Also being the parent to many generations of English Black Labs, this story grabbed my heart!  I’ve heard of the ability for dogs to smell tumors and cancers in others so each time I become aware of how we are teaming up with our beloved canine creatures I can’t wait to sing their praise.  Having a dog can do so much more for your spirit, vitality, well-being not to mention their devotion and unconditional love, but now their gifts to sense there’s something you need to attend to in your own health is something to listen to!  I remember a story of a woman mentioning that her Golden Retriever kept pushing his nose into her chest, and it hurt!  After her dog continued to do this repeatedly she thought to go see a doctor to find out why her breast was so sensitive.  There was a cancerous tumor that her dog smelled, alerted her to in time so that she was able to take measures to insure her life.  She has her beloved canine to thank for making her aware there was something life threatening she needed to attend to.  So here’s another example of dogs’ amazing gifts!  To learn more read here.

To See A Lady About A Horse

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

When doctors could no longer do anything to change the dynamic and the fear of having to consider putting this wonderful horse down, a plea was sent out for help.   This is a wonderful true account of how one Feldenkrais (R) practitioner held the space for a creature in need, assisting Baron to learn more about his organization and how to find his balance and ability to move freely again.  To read more about Baron’s story read here.

For The Love of Animals

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

If you love animals and care about their well being, to help those homeless or abused please do your part and click daily to help feed a homeless animal. They need our help and all you need to do is go to The Animal Rescue Site, click on the purple button and feed an animal in need.  There’s no cost, only a moment of your time.  Do this daily and pass this on to others too!

To click on their site go here!