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How to Make Life Better, Optimize with The Feldenkrais Method ®

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Too often people think of their bodies as parts of a whole, and attention will go to the part(s) that hurt.  By the time the pain and discomfort gets attention most are so deep in their patterns they cannot recognize how the pain developed.  Often people in pain will rely on an authority in the hope they will be fixed so they will soon return to feeling better.  The flaw in this approach is usually if the authority isn’t around, there is no strategy to understand and relieve the pain. This is fairly typical and we can all relate to our own personal experiences in this regard.

What we need is to re-evaluate how we think and invest in ourselves

All our body parts are interconnected!  Our moods affect how we feel, how we think and carry ourselves.  Every mental state actually has its own muscular configuration.  When we feel scared, hopeless, confused, annoyed, happy, sad, ecstatic, bewildered, befuddled, in love… each of these emotional states maintain a posture within our structure.  The structure is your skeleton, and it helps guide how you think, feel and move.

Our parts create the whole, which is comprised of the many bodily systems.  There are at least 11 systems: Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Gastro-Intestinal, Reproductive are a few of the many.  States of being affect our bodily systems and therefore, when one is under stress it snowballs into the entire being.  When we begin to recognize the interactions of our states of mind, our emotions, our muscular contractions, this adds a whole new way of thinking about how our systems are all intricately connected.  Have you ever noticed that when you get really nervous your hands might sweat or you get chilled or start to shake?

A Feldenkrais Practitioner sees the human form as a collection of working systems that includes a personality derived from life experiences and conditioning. Optimizing these systems so they are listening to and working with each other is the mission of any Feldenkrais lesson whether it is a class or private session. With Feldenkrais you will be learning and renewing the skill of how to recognize your patterns to empower and help guide them into a more optimal pattern yourself. Create the awareness to sense an easier flexibility – to move better, in more efficient ways that enable a more comfortable, integrated whole.

If you are open and curious about learning more beneficial patterns, you will begin to awaken your internal sense of self. With enough sustained commitment this will begin to create a sense of self awareness, resilience and potency that will stay with you forever.  All you need is the eagerness to grow and learn a bit more than you already know.  You might be surprised to discover how much you find out about yourself, what makes you tick, what holds you back.

So if you are open and interested in finding easier, more comfortable ways to improve the quality of your life, get curious and look into finding a Feldenkrais Practitioner in your area.  Join a class or schedule a private session to enhance your extraordinary learning experience!  You will be pleasantly surprised to find there is a path to find your own way to a quality of life that keeps getting better.

If you are in the Montgomery County, MD or Baltimore areas I hope you have the interest to join my class delving into these potent self explorations.  What am I looking for?  For those of you out there who are tired of doing the same thing over and over again without much advancement in feeling greater ease and comfort in your bones, your mind and your spirit!  So if you are one of these people I AM LOOKING FOR, please respond and let me know how we can begin to create a world of improvement, one little step at a time.  All it takes is your taking an action in a different direction.  A direction that leads towards your future that can be brighter, moving you forward in a direction of ease, comfort and knowing HOW to create more of this in your life!

Our habits do not have to be permanent.  By changing a habit you realize how much more you can do and believing that it can be different, leads you to a place where you have a choice!


Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Have you ever given thought to what is Creativity and what it offers us?

Creativity has a biological basis. It releases potent chemicals from our endocrine and immune systems that make us feel good, potent and capable!  It unleashes a whole-being beneficial bio-plasticity that enhances our life.  It could in fact be considered a whole human output that enables a varying blend of cognitive, emotional, chemical, motor, neuro-immunity, memory and sensory improvement.

In addition, Creativity and it’s inherent divergent thinking allows for flexibility and enhances ones coping abilities.  It also allows for inventiveness in how we learn better ways to explore and move out of pain.  Therefore, Creativity is a core skill that better enables one to cope with whatever life brings us.

So what does this have to do with a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lesson you might ask?  Think of all your habits and patterns, that’s pretty inventive!   Did you ever stop and think about how many more ways, more efficient ways  you might create  a feeling of how to move?  When one thing changes, your mental or emotional state, that too effects your physical, and each shift either leads to a positive or negative feedback loop experience.  Which patterns would you prefer getting better at regarding shifting your mental, emotional and physical state?  If you thought you could find a way to enable how to feel better, something that you would like more, would you be interested or is it good enough as is?

 When you begin to listen to sense and feel what you are doing as in an Awareness Through Movement lesson, you are
1.) Improving your sensory feedback loop so that under you Demand you can better do what you want!
2.) You are enhancing your mental and emotional state that produce the chemicals that serve you better!
3.) When one area shifts for the better, all shift: mental; emotional; cognitive; physical…
Want more of finding a way to move forward, doing what you want, how to explore, being nice and gentle that serves each one of us better?  Come learn more about how to learn, how to explore, how to be in a state that produces the “Stuff that dreams are made of!”

Staying Healthy with the Feldenkrais Method ®

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

“Health is our ability to realize our avowed and unavowed dreams”! (Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais)

How do we come by our individual habits whether they be in how we think, feel or move ourselves? This is the story of our lives. Some of our habits serve us well and some hold us back, limiting full expression of our wishes and dreams.  Too often we don’t even realize what is limiting us!  Our individual story, our history of what we interpret happened to us defines our experience of the world.  Our story encompasses a litany of emotions of love, nurturing, abuse, trauma, accidents and pleasure.
“Life is movement. Improve your movement and you will improve your life”! (Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais)

Movements originate in our brain. The brain has a “blue print” for every act we intend to do. When we want to change our habits or ways of action, it is not the muscles we need to change. We have to change our brain’s habitual patterns that activate and organize the muscles. Dr. Feldenkrais, through research and his own experiences, discovered a way to make this possible. He devised a way to change habits that get in our way and improve them with new more beneficial ones that will become as natural to us as the ones we come to realize don’t serve us as well.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais – an Israeli physicist, engineer, scientist, Judo master and the originator of the Feldenkrais Method, introduced his work to the United States in the 1970’s.  The premises of his work was not about prescribed movements as in dance, Pilates, Yoga or Tai-Chi, but rather about the natural movements we learn as babies and use every day as adults to function optimally as humans.  The more optimal we function, the healthier we remain.  This doesn’t mean we don’t get sick but rather that when we do, we move through it faster, easier with less prolonged symptoms.

Dr. Feldenkrais’ method has given ordinary people the means to make the activities of their daily life more pleasurable and pain free.  It enables one to expand their range and quality of movements regardless of age, diagnosis or physical conditions. And now, decades after Dr. Feldenkrais’ innovative approach to improving our quality of life, we now see that all the latest brain research agrees with Dr. Feldenkrais about the importance of healthy, well coordinated movements to the health of the brain.  Makes no difference whether we are babies, minors, adults or senior citizens.

The movement lessons, called Awareness Through Movement® are done lying on the floor, in all different orientations as well as in sitting and standing. The movements are easy and gentle to explore.  They are designed to awaken in you what you actually do and how to make whatever you do feel easier and more comfortable.  Too often we think we are doing one think and in fact are doing something quite different!  It’s as if we are saying yes and no at the same time!

Where are you holding, where do you feel tension? Do you stop breathing? Do you habitually stiffen your jaw when you move? How much or how little do you feel yourself, is it only when you hurt?  How much of your whole self participates in a movement, do you actually use all of you? Poor Neuro-Muscular and skeletal use limits our physical, mental and emotional life. They also limit our performance, be it in athletics, music, dance, theater, or in anything we do even if it’s something like bending down, reaching for something on the top shelf, or turning to veer into traffic or park.

So what if you believed for a moment that you could enhance an improvement in how you think, feel and move, what would it be worth for you to reclaim some of your sense of vitality, potency, being able to do what you want, when you want without pushing yourself to the limit, straining, stressing, striving only to regress into discomfort?

Why not search for where you can find an Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais class and join in, come lie on the floor and feel what a difference it can make!

The “D” Words

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

It’s been quite a while since my return to blogging.  Hectic schedules, days filled with teaching, clients, learning and growing and although I have had every intention of blogging, where has the time gone!  So I am back to share an idea, something that has been formulating in my mind for a while now.

So often a client or student will share with me their “diagnosis”, maybe it’s their difficulty in doing something they use to be able to do.  Their “Disease”, “Disability” or “Dysfunction”, and I notice how these “D”words take the life out of them.  We too often become reduced to a description or a label that is put on us.  How can we move through whatever difficulty we find ourselves in at the moment and move forward and beyond the “D” words?

There are so many resources now in books, tapes, trainings to enable us to return to a place of knowing ourselves, feeling ourselves in a place of ease, comfort and inquisition.  Learning to be curious and ask better questions of ourselves, to know ourselves as we are and as we hope to be.  Some of the approaches I suggest are to remain in a place of listening, non-judgmentally to your thoughts, wishes, aspirations.  There is “Whole Body Focusing”, “Open Focus”, Feldenkrais (R) Method of Somatic Learning, Guided Imagery and many more ways to return to a place of quieting from our daily rushing about, living an out of body existence instead of being in our body, sensing and feeling ourselves, our emotions, mental thoughts and images.

We are a society drugged with pharmaceuticals, not bothering to ask questions as to whether this medicine is really necessary.  We are driven by fear of the unknown and the authorities we give our power over to.  Be willing to ask questions of treatments and options.  Be a team player, partner with your medical support, for that matter with those that you interact with be it work, home life, medical concerns, a sport you play…

It is not simply a medical model I speak of, also the muscling and obsessive pushing, “gym rats”, obsessed with an imagine and attaining it at what cost.  I am all for health, fitness, dancing and having once been a “gym rat” myself, I have learned that this too can become an obsession we drive ourselves to the tipping point, doing damage to our joints and overall health and well being.

Are we asking of ourselves the questions that lead us to answers, always inquiring how to attain and achieve your desired goals.?  That is my thought to share.  How many new and different thinks do you experience on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis?  Are you passionate about something, anything?  Find your passion and begin to follow it to a place out of the complacency of not doing anything new or different that challenges you to renew, revitalize, restore and regenerate yourself.  Who do you want to be and how might you find a path to get there?  Be willing to dream again, move beyond your known and beliefs of what you can and cannot do.  Be bold, explore, go easy, gentle and without judgement and find where this can lead you.  Maybe new horizons will appear before you, to revitalize you!

This is my wish for you today!  Enjoy life to the fullest, in the moment with a thought of what can come that will make you smile and bring joy and greater ease and simplicity!  And by all means, live life with Passion!

Can We Eat to Starve Cancer-What Can We Do For Ourselves

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

One of my main focuses is how can we best support and help ourselves. What can we do to better insure health and wellbeing? This doesn’t mean that we never get sick but have you noticed that there are some people who are less prone to illnesses, and when they do come down with something they are faster to restore good health. We run to doctors as the be all end all to fix us, when what we need to do better is to learn how to listen internally and take care of ourselves. What has Mother Nature given us that we are not paying attention to?

You’ve heard me speak of the benefits of a more natural vegetable, plant based diet and all the better when it’s local and sustainable. Whether you’ve been following my thread speaking of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, then there’s Dr. Dean Ornish and so many others who are investing their lives, studying how to reverse our modern day illnesses we are barraged with, what can you do to help yourself?

Want to learn more about how you can insure your good health? What if you could eat to stop the growth of cancers before they become a danger? Have you heard of Antiangiogenic Therapy? To learn more about Dr. William Li and this impressive work, how to starve cancer and illnesses that feed off of our blood and oxygen supply, click here!

It’s Hard, Really Hard Sometimes to Change Unless You Want to!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I’ve been following the focus and thoughts of Dr. Joel Fuhrman for several years now. I too have difficulty always being as focused and diligent in my eating regime yet I realize that I can continue to renew my focus.  I notice the things I tell myself, becoming more mindful and returning when I fall of the wagon so to speak to a more balanced, enjoyable and delicious diet that enables me to live life to the fullest!

We all know people who are seriously charging to an early sick bed or worst. And we know how “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink!” And you can, non- judgmentally present them with information that when they are ready they can make better choices and turn things around. You know, if you’re alive, your hearts still beating and your brain still alive, there’s time.

Give yourself the time to read more about this amazing turn around story that all thought beyond hope. This is a real life story, person and a life now living to the fullest. Learn more about Dr. Joel Fuhrman by clicking here.

Laughter and Exercise both Improve your Health!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

How many times have you heard someone tell you what the have to do or they should but you can tell by their expression and body language that their heart really isn’t in to it. Maybe it’s about working out to improve their health or lose weight, it could be any thing that we resist doing. Now what if you could connect the effects of enjoyable exercise and laughter, that’s a thought! You know what it’s like when you’re watching a show with someone or at an outing and someone tells a joke or something funny happens and you begin to laugh and laugh and before you know it you and others are laughing uncontrollably until one of you is grabbing at your gut begging with tears of laughter to stop so you can catch your breath! You know how you feel, rejuvenated, alive, you feel great! When you feel good you don’t feel bad, now that’s a thought! What are the things you are telling yourself, are they good things, insults, what you should be doing, self defeating language or beneficial things?  What if you thought of the things that make you laugh, I mean really give you a chuckle, how many times a day do you do that! We all have experiences, things that we reflect on in our lives that fuel us. Do you fill yourself up with negative thoughts and actions or positive, and how often do you laugh and then laugh out loud.? It’s contagious, laughing and those who catch the bug of laughter don’t always have to know what’s so funny because the excitement and joy of laughter is too much fun to challenge.

So think about the things that make you smile, make you happy and then take it to the next step and reflect on the things that make you laugh even if you are laughing at yourself with humor and love and go take a walk, hike, garden, play with your kids or pets, go to the gym and enjoy the things that you get to do.

To learn more about a study on the benefits of laughter in reducing stress, appetite, weight loss and improving your health, click here.

When is Moderation not good enough?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Here is information according to peer reviewed literature 
found in the American Journal of Cardiology that will save 
your life. It is learning how to be heart attack proof. 
Interested in something that is non invasive and tastes good?  
Watch this video of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.  To learn more 
about his complete presentation about reversing cardiac disease, 
click here!

Suddenly the Health Insurers Will Have an Interest in Your Health!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

“That’s the worst sentence I’ve ever heard said!” Jon Stewart exclaims during an interview with author Michael Pollan. “Suddenly the health insurers will have an interest in your health, which right now they don’t?!?!”  What are we to do about this?  How we eat, what we eat and how we are manipulated by the food industries to market their goods that poison us is sheer brain washing.  We get upset when told that our insurance companies won’t cover us or a claim because of pre-existing conditions and heaven forbid we change what we are doing that is creating the condition we are rejected for.  But if a doctor says, take Lipitor or a medication to reduce cholesterol or BP we don’t hesitate and follow without thinking of the precautions and many dangerous side effects.

We are eating ourselves to death! Creating modern day illnesses that insurance companies justify eliminating many from their health coverage because they’re too risky to cover. Want to know more about how to change this dynamic and get healthy once again? To learn more click here!

How to Protect Yourself from Cancer and Stay Healthy!

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I have been following the theme of nutrition endorsed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  For the past 15 years and more, Dr. Fuhrman has been espousing the benefits of a healthy vegetable based diet with non invasive approaches to reverse our modern day illnesses created by excess.  He is doing noted studies with Johns Hopkins University and now he is sharing with us how to better avoid or reverse cancers.  In this article he focuses on breast cancer but the advise is applicable to all cancers.  Here is a little to wet your appetite –

“Green vegetables are the most powerful anti-breast cancer food. Take note that a vegetarian diet does not show protection against breast cancer as much as a diet rich in green vegetables, berries and seeds. Many vegans eat a high glycemic, nutritionally poor diet, and do not take sufficient Vitamin D, leaving themselves at high risk of cancer. It is the phytochemical nutrient density and diversity of the diet that offers the most dramatic protection against cancer, not merely the avoidance of meat or fat.  Close to 300 case-controlled studies show a protective effect of vegetable consumption against cancer and that cruciferous vegetables are the foods with the most powerful anti-cancer effects of all foods.  While eating fresh fruits, beans, vegetables, seeds and nuts have been all been shown in scientific studies to reduce occurrence of cancer, cruciferous vegetables are different.  Instead of a 1 to 1 relationship they have 1 to 2 relationship with a wide variety of human cancers.  In other words, as plant food intake goes up 20% in a population, cancer rates typically drop 20%, but as cruciferous vegetables go up 20%, cancer rates drop 40%.”  To learn more, click here.