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Learning how to learn with all of you!

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

When we take the time to engage all of ourselves, quietly and listening with all of our sensory awareness we can make the impossible not only possible but completely elegant and awe inspiring.  To understand more about true organic learning tune into the Scottish percussionist and composer Evelyn Glennie who lost nearly all of her hearing by age 12.  Her presentation on TED is thrilling and proves what we can really do if we quiet down, become aware and listen.  To learn more click here.

How You Can Improve Your Singing or Musical Expression

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

This is a wonderful article that shares the experience of a singer, the pianist that accompanies the performances and the audience and how all were transformed from the before to after performance with the added awareness brought to all by the singers Feldenkrais (R) Functional Integration (R) lesson.

“This session demonstrates several important aspects of the Feldenkrais Method in working with musicians and non-musicians alike. For example how a person’s “middle” as seen from the outside can be experienced very differently as perceived by the person from the “inside.” Furthermore, it shows that someone who has only been taught to strive for a position that they do not know through their own senses and how that position relates to other parts of their body will have difficulty both in finding that position, and from the errors in their attempts to “correct” the position.”

To learn more about how John Tarr, Feldenkrais practitioner, assistant trainer and muscian in Basil, Switzerland enabled musicians and audience to share in a richer learning experience of improved human functioning, read here.

New Hope for Aching Creaky Yuppie Bodies – article

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Dr. Doidge is a research psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Toronto. His column “On Human Nature” appears every other Wednesday in the National Post. He has written an interesting article referencing the history and attributes of learning more about the Feldenkrais Method. He writes about how muscians of all kinds have improved their performances including Yehudi Menuin and Yo Yo Ma who swear by the results they get from this method. Read the article here.