Lengthening Your Hamstrings, To Stretch or Not To Stretch

Here is a wonderful empirically based research report on how to more effectively elongate your hamstring muscle group without creating more trauma to the already overly contracted muscles and how to maintain this improvement. This clinical study employees the use of The Feldenkrais Method (R) of Awareness Through Movement (R) lessons to enable the muscles to return to a balance and maintain this, versus the habitual pattern of stretching, pulling and tugging that results in the stretch reflex that returns to the overly contracted muscle. To learn more you can go to www.ptjournal.org for The Bottom Line, a clinical summary of this article by noted DPTs, James Stephens, Joshua Davidson, Joseph DeRosa, Michael Kriz and Nicole Saltzman.

This full study can be found in the Physical Therapy Journal . Volume 86 . Number 12 . December 2006.

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